Professional Liability Insurance

Protect yourself and your business from lawsuits and liability damages with professional liability insurance. This covers lawsuits claiming negligence, or errors/omissions while performing your services. Liability damages can be costly, which is why professional liability insurance is smart, cost-efficient protection to have.

We know you run your business carefully, but that’s not always enough. Small mistakes, like a misworded phone call made years ago can still have great effects on your business today, and it’s almost impossible to predict when a lawsuit might pop up. Don’t let yourself be caught off-guard. Take the time to protect yourself now.

Professional Liability Insurance differs based on the profession and the business, and can be fitted to suit you and your business’s needs. If you need assistance deciding which type of coverage is right for you, feel free to contact Yardley Insurance at (215) 860-8300. We can also discuss a quote or answer any additional questions that you may have.