Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance is a policy that can be purchased by an employer for business owners, employees, and often for dependents. Employers and employees can share costs and there are special tax incentives available to businesses that provide group health insurance. If you are a business owner who would like to provide health insurance for your employees, group health insurance is the way to go.

Providing health insurance is a great way to prevent turnover and attract more capable employees to your business. 59% of small businesses offer health insurance as a benefit. Not having it could cost you a talented employee. It is also a great way to protect your employees and their loved ones from the unfortunate incidents in life, such as disease and injury. Having healthy employees is important to a happy and efficient workplace, making healthcare of the utmost importance. And don’t forget that as a business owner, you are covered by this insurance as well, and possibly your dependents.

Don’t leave the health of you and your employees up to fate. Take action now to protect all those involved in your business.

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