Renter’s Insurance

Whether it is an apartment, house, condo, or duplex that you rent, it can be protected by Renter’s Insurance. Renter’s Insurance can protect the space a person occupies and any assets they may have in it. This type of insurance will protect you from unfortunate events such as fire, theft, water damage and other circumstances that are beyond a person’s control. Renter’s insurance will help you to replace the larger items in your home, such as your TV, bed and other furniture. It will also help you in replacing the smallest items in your home, such as socks, cutlery and toothpaste.

Tip: Before you shop for renter’s insurance, take an inventory of your personal belongings to help us find a quote that is appropriate for you.

Our agents would be happy to provide you with a quote for a policy that is appropriate for you. We would also like to answer any questions that you may have or discuss the quote with you in detail. Please contact Yardley Insurance at (215) 860-8300.