Individual Health Insurance

Healthcare is expensive, especially if you don’t have insurance. Individual health insurance is self-supplied insurance. It’s more expensive than group health insurance, but if your employer either does not provide this benefit, their group plan cannot cover all your needs, or you are between jobs, it is more cost-efficient than paying the medical bills out of pocket.

Having health insurance is important to get before you get sick or injured, because if you have a chronic illness or other health condition, it may be hard to buy individual health insurance. Companies that offer individual health insurance typically require a review of your medical history that could result in a higher premium or you could be declined coverage entirely.

There are a number of different plans which typically include coverage of illness or injury, but can also cover exams, diagnostic tests and other preventative health measures. Having these preventative measures can help insure you stay healthy throughout your life.

Let us help you find the best option for your needs and financial situation.

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