Condo Insurance

Contrary to what some condo owners may believe, the condominium association’s insurance policy does not cover your personal belongings or your unit in specific. The condo association’s policy will cover the property, common areas and physical structure of your building. However, their policy will not cover your personal property or your legal responsibility to others, and they may not cover improvements or customizations to your unit. This is why it is important for each individual condo owner to make necessary arrangements for their own policy.

A basic condo insurance policy will cover damages to most of your personal belongings, as well as any damages to your unit. Most condominium by-laws or trust agreements state that the condo owner owns or is responsible for everything within the unit, including permanently attached fixtures and improvements. Fortunately, damage to improvements, additions and alterations of your unit are covered under a basic condo insurance policy. A basic policy also covers your belongings and the structural parts of the building that you own.

Before you shop for condo insurance, take an inventory of what you own so we can help secure an appropriate insurance policy for you. If you have any questions, your local agents at Yardley Insurance are available to help you make the best decision to fit your needs.

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